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Bubblemaker Program


The Bubblemaker program by PADI offers children aged 8 and older the opportunity to experience scuba diving in a safe, shallow environment under professional supervision. It's an introductory experience designed to make scuba diving fun and accessible for kids.


The program involves diving in water less than 2 meters (6 feet) deep, using child-friendly scuba equipment. It's an engaging way for children to learn about scuba diving basics while having fun.


Participants learn basic scuba diving skills in a pool or confined water environment. This includes understanding the use of scuba gear and safety protocols, all taught in a playful and age-appropriate manner.


Children use specialized scuba equipment tailored for their size and comfort, ensuring a safe and enjoyable diving experience. This includes smaller tanks, masks, fins, and buoyancy control devices designed specifically for kids.

Getting Started

To enroll in the Bubblemaker program, contact a local PADI dive center. No prior experience is necessary, but parental approval is required. The program also provides a Bubblemaker Crew-Pak, which includes fun items like a logbook and a temporary tattoo to commemorate the experience.

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