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The best memories are those made in adventures you never planned for. Here at PENGUIN DIVERS CLUB, we plan for you adventures so you don't have to plan them!

Now with our new DORM services you can come enjoy your vacation, do a diving course or just chill and go for daily fun dives and excursions while saving some cash and staying in our DORMS room accommodation.

Our DORM accommodation services are the perfect mixture between the backpackers-on-a-budget experience and the convenience of having a comfortable and relaxed vacation. You will find the following feature:

  • Capacity 

7 Bunker beds. All sheets and bed spreads are super clean, they get dry-cleaned after every use to assure high health and safety standards.


  • ​Lockers 

We provide each resident with a personal locker with locks and keys to keep your valuable belongings out of reach.


  • Water heater

What is better than enjoying a relaxed hot shower after your dives?! Absolutely NOTHING! we want you guys to get as comfortable as possible.


  • Storage

We have under-bed storage to keep your luggage and everyday use items within reach to assure better living space convenience.

  • Air conditioning

Only in our DORM, you'll find the convenience of living with AC during the hot months of summer while still getting the backpackers' experience at a low price.

  • Clean restrooms

We're providing you with very clean and hygienic restrooms within the DORM room so running in and out of the shower can't get any easier.

  • Hot Water Kettle

There's nothing better than enjoying a hot cup of tea or any drink of your choice after your diving day is done. You don't need to hit the coffee shop to do that anymore!


*** Make sure you check out our PACKAGES & OFFERS page to get the best deals on diving courses, guided dives along side our DORM accommodation!

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